David Frankovich: Media & Performance Art
Always Be(come) a Unicorn

Consider the paradoxical nature of the unicorn as a queer symbol. On the one hand, it is mythical – it does not exist – the word "unicorn" being used as a slur against bisexuals. On the other hand, it is a magical being, and serves as a powerful symbol of queerness. Can we imagine the possibility of some magical excess emerging from invisibility and erasure in queer and bisexual performance? Can absence itself be thought of as a queer kind of presence and appropriated as a queer performance strategy?

MA student in Live Art and Performance Studies, David Frankovich, presents the artistic component of their thesis over three evenings from 7-9 May, 2015. On the afternoon of 9 May, they will also be presenting a special three-hour-long durational performance. The actions that they will perform have been developed over an intensive workshop period, during which notions of absence, silence and stillness were explored, attempting to uncover the queer potential they possess – not as a lack, but as part of a spectrum of possible ways of be(com)ing. Their work borrows from popular culture and the history and traditions of performance art in order to craft a piece that is both humourous and personal.

Working Group
David Frankovich
Unicorn Research Labs

Opening Night
Thurs. 7 May, 2015, 7pm

Other Performances
Fri. 8 May, 7pm
Sat. 9 May, 7pm

Performance Space


Special Durational Performance
Sat. 9 May, 2-5pm (Free Admission)


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