David Frankovich: Media & Performance Art
Notes On Camping (Colour Me Lurid)Always Be(come) a UnicornSilver #2 (I Am Leaving Tomorrow)Incognito ZebraSunset Over the Ruins of the Plaster HotelClean ScentVihtaSilver #1Gesamtkunstwerk #3 (This Charming Man)SweepGesamtkunstwerk #2Notes on CampingGesamtkunstwerk #1Careless WhisperPsychic Cooking ShowTake Off Something You Don't NeedGrey Cup Party #2Hockey Sticks KnittingPlus De DeuxEmpireSweet Interlaced TransvestiteGrey Cup Party #1DISCS.The Exquisite Corpses
My artistic research project for 2016 is concerned with bisexual invisibility and erasure. I will be approaching the problem by reclaiming this absence as a site of possibility and as the basis for developing a unique approach to queer performance art practice. A number of upcoming projects throughout the year will be announced as part of this project.

Generously supported by the Kone Foundation.

5 March, 2016
Binary Night – Performance Art Club
Mad House
Helsinki, Finland

12 March, 2016
New Performance Nights vol. 1: QUEER OR WHAT?
TEHDAS Teatteri
Turku, Finland

24-28 May, 2016
Ride the Sky
Fringe Arts Bath Festival
Bath, UK

1-5 June, 2016
Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival
Defibrillator Gallery
Chicago, USA

5-15 August, 2016
Naked State Residency
Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
East Gwillimbury, Canada

1 September - 31 October, 2016
Saari Residency
Mynämäki, Finland

13 September, 2016
Telakka Kulttuuritalo
Tampere, Finland

14-16 October, 2016
Hej Hej PALS!
Stockholm, Sweden


No Object
No Object is a multi-generational group of 6 artists that produce performances in empty spaces without any objects, costume or any clothing. Working from this minimalist aesthetics, the group is continuing to challenge itself with a focus on the potential of the body. Sympathy, empathy, trust, gaining strength and energy from the group are important components to the work. This practice requires us to be in the moment, being conscious of each other and being aware of our bodies in relationship to others and our surroundings. No Object are: lo bil, Brenda Dale, Adam Filek, David Frankovich, Holly Timpener and Johannes Zits.


18 May, 2016
Open Studio by No Object
Artscape Youngplace, Studio 103
Toronto, Canada


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