LATVIAN HOUSE; Lisa Kennedy, Kevin Murray and Tara Schorr (curators), Pleasure Dome’s New Toronto Works; March 15, 2008

The first half ended with recent York University graduate David Frankovich’s “Exquisite Corpse.” It is slick and high-gloss, and churns through various B-movie tropes at a breakneck 17 minutes, finding time to interject some self-deconstructing musical numbers, at a 120 sly-wink-per-minute irony rate. It is much more winning than we’re letting on, but nevertheless, it is a project so clever, only a film student could have thought it up.


Pleasure Dome: New Toronto Works Show

Some people look at the CN Tower and feel a sense of civic pride. I get the same feeling from watching a short musical made by York film students that features giant robots, a necrophiliac, ‘The Japanese Diana Ross,’ a green-vegetable man and an orgy involving oversized Styrofoam hand tools. A highlight of Pleasure Dome’s 15th-annual New Toronto Works Show, David Frankovich’s adamantly odd Exquisite Corpses is one of many stimulating examples of the city’s ever-prodigious output of experimental film and video.

– Jason Anderson
Eye Weekly
13 March, 2008