Careless Whisper

2012, 08:00 minutes

I enter pushing a mop and bucket, which is filled with soapy water. I am wearing white. I wring out the mop and place it upside down in the bucket, with the mop head sticking up. Holding the mop and wringer lever, I dance slowly and sing “Careless Whisper” by Wham! During the second verse I fall over, spilling the soapy water all over the floor. I continue to dance and sing on the floor. When the song is over I stand up and right the mop bucket and wringer. I take off my shirt, put it in the wringer and pull the lever while looking at the audience. I give my shirt to the first person I make eye contact with to hold for me. I repeat this with my pants, then my socks. I repeat this with my underwear, but instead of giving them to someone I put them back on. I retrieve my socks and put them back on, then my pants, then my shirt. I exit.

PAS #24 Final Presentation
in cooperation with M:ST Performative Art Festival and the Alberta College of Art and Design
TRUCK Contemporary Art
Calgary, Canada
16 March, 2012