Why Are We Here? (Unknowing on Super 8)

2015, 360:00 minutes / 03:00 minutes

For M:ST Performative Art Festival’s inaugural fundraiser SPRING RUNOFF! they invited an international roster of artists to enact durational performances over the course of three weeks, from 23 May to 13 June, 2015.

For my contribution to SPRING RUNOFF! I found myself trying to make a durational performance happen in an unfamiliar situation. An artist from Canada, living in Finland, with the marathon dates coinciding with an exchange in Germany.

I entered a space that I had never visited before, in a city I had never been to before, not knowing what had happened there previously or what traces would be left. I brought with me my own body and materials, with which I was familiar, and together we dealt with this situation of unknowing, exploring how it transformed us.

The performance happened over one day, and was documented by a super 8 camera on a timed shutter release at regular intervals – the entire 6 hour durational performance was documented on one 3 minute reel of super 8 film. The documentation itself has gaps between each frame where it is not known what has happened during the in between times. This reel of film was divided among the supporters of the performance, with each supporter receiving a length proportionate to the size of their donation.

SPRING RUNOFF! performance marathon fundraiser for Mountain: Standard Time Performative Art Festival
Cell63 artplatform
Berlin, Germany
14 June, 2015